Spiritual Enlightenment is the Truth Seeker's Goal In Life.
A journal of one man's path toward spiritual enlightenment by physical
and mental purity, fasting, raw food diet, few words, natural living,
good works, right thinking, living in the here and now,
and exhilaration of the mind by following the
guidance of the Inner Voice.

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"Seeking the Light"

Seeking the Light


Spirituality is not,
Thinking about it,
Talking about it,
Going to church,
Taking classes,
Or reading books.

Spirituality is,
Preparing your,
Body and mind,
To receive God's
In your thinking,
In your speech,
And in your actions.

The Goal In Life Is Spiritual Enlightenment
To Unite The Conscious Mind With The Soul

Keywords for this site: Spiritual enlightenment, actual experience of illumination,
In Search of Cosmic Consciousness, physical and mental purity, fasting, raw food diet, few words, natural living, good works, right thinking, living in the here and now, exhilaration of the mind, Inner Voice,
*The Life and teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Jesus, Heaven on earth, making the body into a Holy Temple, Dr. Raymond Bernard, Creation of the Superman, modern-day immaculate conception, parthenogenesis (Virgin Birth), spiritual parenting, Maria Montessori, Montessori method, spiritual education, *Three Magic Words, *The Secret of Secrets, Uell S. Andersen.

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The Way of the Peaceful Warrior,
Dan Millman, theory of sufficiency, alternative lifestyles, Walden, Throeau, *A Course in Miracles, contacting the Inner Voice, surrendering to God, Heaven on Earth, freedom of the Soul, St. Francis, change, near death experience,"life, dying and death" (so called), Spiritualism, guardian angels, Inner Wisdom, Instrumental Transcommunication, Electronic Voice Phenomena, *A Wanderer in Spirit Lands, AMERICA: beacon of hope for HEAVEN ON EARTH, Thomas Paine.

*Oahspe Bible,
Kosmon Era, *The Impersonal Life, meditation, conscious and subconscious mind, Japa Yoga, Hira Ratan Manek, sungazing, solar yoga, walking barefoot, union with God, *Raja Yoga, Swami Vivekananda, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, understanding, forgiveness, prayer, praise, affirmations, controling your thoughts, The Book of Life, Micheal Sharp, E. T. 101, Starseeds, Crop Circle,
The Hundreth Monkey,
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Meaning of dreams, Hopi Indian prophecy, Red Star's vision, new survivalists, Earth Charter, Cultural Creatives, Marlo Morgan, *Mutant Message Down Under, *Mutant message From Forever, spiritual life of Australian Aborigines , Near Death Experience, *Coming Back To Life, P.M.H. Atwater, what it feels like to die, what death is, foreknowledge of one's own death.

"Though the aspirant should show devotion to many scriptures and teachers, he must take from all of them the essence only, as a bee takes the essence from many flowers."

All of the above books marked (*) came to me through inspiration. Pete

At the bottom of the links page there is a Bibliography of the books referred to in this journal.

The Journal Index button at the bottom of this page links to an alphabetical list of specific subjects, i. e. "raw food diet."

A Review of the major points in this journal for realizing Spiritual Enlightenment.

If I had to choose one book to guide me on my path to spiritual enlightenment, it would be: Footprints on the path, by Eileen Caddy...(God Spoke to Me, by Eileen Caddy is also excellent.)

These books contain the words of Eileen's Inner Voice... the voice of God within.
They outline in simple clear language the practical information needed to live a spiritual life today. They are beautifully written... truly eloquent... and very inspiring! The message in these books will resonate with your own Inner Being... we are one... God is one. Pete

"Rainbow Bar"

The path to spiritual enlightenment is a razors edge, steep and treacherous to the person who is foolish, on the right hand insanity and the left death.

Simply put, the rational mind thinks, the Soul just knows. The mind presented with this problem says, "Yes, 100+150+235, let's see, that equals 485." The Soul, on the other hand, presented with the same problem just knows, 485. No thinking, just knowledge.

The major problem, as you can readily see, is to keep the 'rational mind' sane while crossing the unknown to the 'All Knowing Soul.' The path requires total dedication, discipline, knowledge and courage.

The path is not a 'Sunday stroll', but rather like a narrow ledge along a cliff face, interspersed with flat rocky plateaus. In the beginning, the path may ascend sharply with great learning but soon the first plateau is reached which seems spiritually barren. These plateaus are places to rest, a place to apply what has been learned and a test of resolve. Resting overlong means to slide back, you must continue to ascend or be dragged down.

There is no fee at the gateway to the path leading to spiritual enlightenment. The key to enter, is the burning desire to know the truth.The materials required can be carried in a backpack: clothes for decency, a towel for bathing, paper and pencils for notes, a couple of books, whatever you need for the trail. The only other burdens you will carry are the truths you realize in your heart and mind as you ascend the path and the dawning knowledge that the earth and it's people are living in almost total spiritual darkness. You must be strong to stay on the path.

You need no expensive spiritual enlightenment workshops or classes, gurus or teachers, correspondence courses, retreats, or trips to India on the path.You the student are your own teacher, you just need to realize the truth and apply it as you ascend the path. You are an individualized conscious part of the 'Whole' all knowledge is within your grasp. All you need to do is to seek the truth, apply it, and with God's Grace you will reach the goal.

"WHY not start right now receiving your spiritual inspiration and guidance at first hand and not through anyone else? Do you not realise that you have within you all wisdom, all knowledge, all understanding? You do not have to seek it without, but it does mean that you have to take time to be still and to go deep within to find it. There is nothing more wonderful or worthwhile than direct contact with Me, the source of all creation..."
From: OPENING DOORS WITHIN by Eileen Caddy

The journey on this path to spiritual enlightenment requires that you be as physically fit as possible, pure in body and mind, give up all desire for sex and the pleasures of food, eat a raw food diet,* be clean in habitat and bath daily, continually study nature both seen and unseen, keep your mind and emotions under complete control, overcome disease and pain, become good and do good always, serve others, be gentle and kind in thought, word and deed, live a simple unassuming low profile natural lifestyle, use a minimum of speech in your daily dealings, and continue on the path although you feel that you are failing completely. You have not failed until you give up.

This path is not an easy lifestyle for today, except for a few people. The ordinary person observing someone on the path might say, "Oh, that person seeking spiritual enlightenment is completely crazy." But then, "What virtue is it to be considered sane in a completely insane world."

"One person in a hundred thousand will find the true spiritual path, one in a million will walk it." It is better to never set your foot on the path than to do so and fail, because you will live the rest of your life with an underlying feeling of discontent, heartbreak and regret.

There are many paths
But the goal is the same in each.

There is always the easy way
Or the hard way of reaching the goal.

There is the direct route
Or the devious route
Which leads up highways and byways.
The choice is always up to the individual.

You are absolutely free
To choose your own path.
Therefore seek and follow it
And in the end you will reach the goal:
Your self-realisation of Me
The divinity within you
From, The Living Word by Eileen Caddy

  "God's purpose for man
on earth... is that man
shall be the divine image
and likeness of Himself."

"One person in a hundred thousand will find the true path to spiritual enlightenment, one in a million will walk it." It is better to never set your foot on the path than to do so and fail, because you will live the rest of your life with an underlying feeling of discontent, heartbreak and regret. If you can avoid this path, and live a happy life in this society, do so, if you cannot... dedicate your life completely to the path of the seeker and never give up.

"Better never begin; once begun, better finish."

Seeking spiritual enlightenment is a lifetime commitment. Be prepared to make your seeking a lifestyle... the path you follow year after year. Make your inner search for realization of spiritual enlightenment a way of life... and live your life gently, day by day, and be happy. Love your life... or change it until you do!

"To reach a perfect spiritual life,
You have to live that life,
And practice it,
Day in,
Day out."

The goal of spiritual enlightenment is the goal in life for every human being born on this earth, and it awaits each of us just over the horizon in our own mind. Stay on the path until the goal is reached.

The True Path to Spiritual Enlightenment
Is one Based on Simplicity and the Truth.
Seek Within and Find your Inner Voice
Know that this Voice, is the Voice of God

And as the Father Within Guided Jesus
He will Guide You Unerringly to the Goal.


Go with God and may Peace be with You.


P. S. As Aldous Huxley wrote, "There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving... and that's your own self."

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Anne Frank

"Rainbow Bar"

* Raw food diet: Fresh (or dried), organic, fruits and vegetables, nuts, sprouted grains and seeds, herbs, raw milk (with leafy greens) and raw honey. "Let the weight of your daily food be not less than a mina, [one pound+/-] but mark that it go not beyond two." Eat only enough to sustain life. This diet is alkaline forming and provides all of the simple sugars. From: The Essene Gospel of Peace Book I, p. 43

A raw food diet provides all the nourishment the body needs and eliminates well. Cooked and acid-forming foods (meat, dairy and grains) leave a mucus residue in the body which clogs the system and creates a breeding ground for germs.

"Living [raw] foods vibrate with a special energy which affects you physically and mentally. They give you the strength, clarity of mind, confidence and sense of well being that make you want to do what is best for your body. That is something no diet of cooked foods and no amount of vitamin pills and food supplements will ever do." From Raw Energy (Raw Food Diet)

Anyone can prove the benefit of physical purity described in these journals by eating a raw food diet (fruit and vegetables) and fasting one day each week for thirty days. The result of this is hard to believe by anyone who has not experienced it. Please see the following: Superior Fast#1 , Nature's Cure#2.


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